Plugin Info & About Us

Stylst is a shopping comparison website that helps users find the items they are searching for and connects them to the retailers where goods can be purchased.

We built this site to provide a more efficient search experience because feel it is too difficult to find the right item when shopping for new fashion. Stylst makes it easier to search by three ways.

  1. On product page, show the single product with links to the exact product page from different retailers and the direct designer site
  2. Upload any image with our Visual Search tool and see similarly related items
  3. On product page, we show other products visually similar by silhouette, color, material and shape

We offer two WordPress plugins to publishers for helping grow the fashionable web.

Stylst Lookbook Plugin for WordPress fashion/lifestyle publishers

Stylst sidebar advertising program for WordPress publishers
The plugin allows publishers to share the newest Stylst selected content to be displayed on their site.

Automatic “Fashion” Image Tagging for Fashion Blogs on WordPress

Visual Tag Creator helps you include better tags for your WordPress fashion publication. Utilizing AI/machine learning (artificial intelligence) and product image detection by our software, it recognizes products within the featured photo in a post and automatically applies tags for the article in about a second. No more manually typing to add “white jeans”, “distressed denim” (etc). With this plugin, WordPress post tags are added automatically.

We built this specifically for fashion and lifestyle content to accurately identify what is being worn within the outfit. The plugin is free and includes a mention back to for plugin credit.

Site Requirements:

  • and using version 4.5+ or later
  • Have tags displayed on post view page
  • On V1.1 of the plugin, we no longer require “Featured Image” to be used, now optional
  • Use the Featured Image when creating posts

Instructions to download Automatic Visual Tagging for free:

  1. The following link starts process for download from us
  2. Click “Checkout” and complete your info on next page
  3. Enter email and name then select “Free Download”
  4. After info is submitted, we create a unique “License Key” for your site
  5. It is important to copy the “License Key” for use later
  6. Click link “visual-tag-creator” to download to desktop
  7. Login to your WordPress site and navigate to “Add New” plugin section
  8. At the top click “Upload Plugin” and then select the downloaded plugin file “” to upload to your site. Note: Some browser and computer settings will automatically “unzip” the file. If that happens then folder will need to be “compressed” again into a .zip file.
  9. Activate plugin and navigate to settings page for plugin. Add the license key from earlier.
  10. After license key is saved successfully, now the option will be presented for new images and tags will be automatically added to the post

How to use plugin:

  1. Upload images to the WordPress site
  2. After image is uploaded, selection the option “Retrieve Tags for this Image”
  3. Plugin will then insert the tags to the post section of the site. More tags can be added, or edit the new tags the plugin inserted. Nothing appears live until post is published.

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